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Articles and other news from Mr Bear Family

Beard Hair model Left side profile Casual glasses
27 Sep 2023

Beard products for men: a guide to beard care

Beards have become more than something only lumberjacks have. There is something timeless and attractive about a well-groomed beard. But to maintain...

Beardbalm thumbnail
21 Aug 2023

Beard Balm – best in test

The Beard Balm was the third product Mr Bear created. At the time we only had the moustache wax and beard oil. Mr Bear wanted to build on the success...

Wash Wilderness front
20 Jun 2023

Beard Wash – best in test

Are you tired of using multiple products to care for your beard, face, and hands? Look no further - our Beard Wash is here to simplify your grooming...

In use CS Aftershave Face Lotion 3
17 Feb 2023

Skincare for men – myth or magic?

Many men have sometimes been told that skincare isn't for them. That it is unnecessary, unmanly or simply useless. As you surely know, this isn't...

A bearded model in the woods
2 Feb 2023

Increase your beard growth

Getting a better beard growth is something many people want. Many different serums, rollers and other products are sold to make beards grow more by...

Beard oil landscape Mr Bear Family
30 Jan 2023

Beard oil – best in test

Our beard oil was the second product Mr Bear Family launched. More specifically, it was Beard Oil Citrus 30ml that was the very first oil to see the...

Inside the lab 1
20 Jan 2023

Mr Bear Family’s natural ingredients

Our products are natural or as natural as possible. We believe that it is possible to create great products for hair, skin and beard even if we...

22 Dec 2022

Mr Bear Family & Prison Ink

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Prison Ink tattoo festival. This unique event is held in an old prison, which has been transformed...

Alla hjartans dag mr bear family
29 Nov 2022

Beard Products for Valentine’s Day

Are you planning to surprise your partner with something nice on Valentine's Day? Some couples do nothing, others shower each other with flowers and...

Mr Bear Lab
15 Nov 2022

Using natural ingredients

You probably haven’t missed that we like to use natural ingredients. But what does that mean for you and everyone else who uses them? The most...

Parfum thumb
26 Aug 2022

What’s that smell? — A guide to perfume and fragrance

What is the heart of a perfume? What is enfleurage and why is Chanel No. 4 not as famous as No. 5? These are just a few of the questions we will...

A picture of Pomade Matt Clay and Pomade Original in nature.
22 Aug 2022

Pomade, lard, and bear fat

Pomade has been around for over a hundred years. But it has changed a lot over the years. In the early days, pomades were made from, among other...

Classic selection logo
29 Apr 2022

Classic Selection: Golden Ember

It all started with an idea of having the same fragrance on our favourites in both beard and hair care. This later evolved into a series inspired by...

MBF Group Image 3
8 Mar 2022

A classic hair series

When Mr Bear decided to develop a hair series, he started by looking into the past. Eventually, he stumbled across hair tonics that became popular in...

Brew Wilderness 60ml front
14 Feb 2022

What is beard oil and why do I want it in my beard?

Beard oil is a mixture of different oils that is massaged into the beard and the skin underneath. It is often seen as the foundation of all beard...

Mustaschkampen2022 blog
15 Jan 2022

Mr Bear Family and Mustaschkampen

We're very happy to announce our partnership with Mustaschkampen, a Swedish initiative to fund research and treatment of prostate cancer.

Skaggvard skaggstyling
2 Nov 2021

Beard care vs beard style

We believe there is value in defining what is beard care and what is rather beard style. The easiest way is to look at hair products. A shampoo,...

Beard Shaper Woodland Mr Bear Family
15 Oct 2021

Find a new favourite during Black Friday

You probably know that Black Friday is a phenomenon that originated in the United States. We want to take this opportunity to give our customers a...

Beard brew in use
19 Sep 2021

Jojoba oil and why it is the beard’s best friend

Jojoba oil is a common ingredient in skincare products and has many good qualities. But despite its name it’s not an oil but a combination of...

31 Aug 2021

No more dandruff in your beard

Dandruff in your beard is never fun, especially not if you prefer dark clothes. But the time for “snow” on your shirt is over. Bring your darkest...

Shaving products
19 Aug 2021

Why you should try a straight razor

It’s not uncommon to be a bit intimidated by straight razors. Which is totally reasonable, they have an incredibly sharp edge and you are keeping...

Vad ska du ha i skagget
4 Aug 2021

What should I use in my beard?

It can be difficult knowing which products you should use in your beard. Which products does what? What results do you get? Do you even need to use...

Tattoo Aftercare Colletion w Mr Bear
4 Jun 2021

Take care of your tattoo

Once you've spent time and money on your new tattoo, you'll want it to heal well and look good for years to come. Poking your skin with a needle...

1 Jun 2021

Three steps to a great beard

How do I get a great beard?How do I get a full beard?Straggling beard?Thin beard? These are just a couple of searches a lot of men have made...

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1 May 2021

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