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Articles and other news from Mr Bear Family

Skaggvard skaggstyling
2 Nov 2021

Beard care vs beard style

We believe there is value in defining what is beard care and what is rather beard style. The easiest way is to look at hair products. A shampoo,...

Beard brew in use
19 Sep 2021

Jojoba oil and why it is the beard’s best friend

Jojoba oil is a common ingredient in skincare products and has many good qualities. But despite its name it’s not an oil but a combination of...

1 Sep 2021

Avoid dandruff in your beard

Dandruff (or beardruff as some call it) in your beard is never fun, especially not if you prefer dark clothes. But the time for “snow” on your...

Capture0276 Edit
19 Aug 2021

Why you should try a straight razor

It’s not uncommon to be a bit intimidated by straight razors. Which is totally reasonable, they have an incredibly sharp edge and you are keeping...

Vad ska du ha i skagget
4 Aug 2021

What should I use in my beard?

It can be difficult knowing which products you should use in your beard. Which products does what? What results do you get? Do you even need to use...

Mustasch support2021 black 4 3
7 Jun 2021

Mr Bear Family and Mustaschkampen

We're very happy to announce our partnership with Mustaschkampen, a Swedish initiative to fund research and treatment of prostate cancer.

Tattoo Aftercare Colletion w Mr Bear
4 Jun 2021

Take care of your new tattoo

How should you take care of that beautiful new tattoo? And which ointment is best for you? Don't worry, Mr Bear will explain everything.

1 Jun 2021

Three steps to a great beard

How do I get a great beard?How do I get a full beard?Straggling beard?Thin beard? These are just a couple of searches a lot of men have made...