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21 Aug 2023

Beard Balm – best in test

The Beard Balm was the third product Mr Bear created. At the time we only had the moustache wax and beard oil. Mr Bear wanted to build on the success of the beard oil and create something that provided styling and hold as well. And that became the Beard Balm – a product that has remained a favourite to this day.

Balm Group

About the Beard Balm

A solid beard oil

One way to describe the Beard Balm is as a beard oil in solid form. It has all the moisturising and nourishing properties that you get with the beard oil but with an added styling dimension. While it is not as styling focused as the Beard Shaper, it will give your beard a natural and well-groomed look.

Using the Beard Balm

The added shea butter gives your beard a natural hold, making it a good choice for your morning routine. However, it is also a great choice for the evening. When you let the balm work its magic during the night, you wake up to a soft and supple beard, perfect for a finishing touch of Beard Shaper.

Which Beard Balm wins best in test at Mr Bear Family?

Out of the three Beard Balms we have, which one is the best? Of course, a big part of it is up to personal preference. You should always choose the product that gives you the best feeling and result. But let’s move on to the different Beard Balms we have.

Our different Beard Balms

Balm Citrus

Beard Balm Citrus

Mr. Bear Family’s first fragrance, Citrus, opens with a lively mix of lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit, settling into a gentle floral scent. In general, lighter fragrances like Citrus are preferred during the day. It’s a light and easy fragrance which won’t feel overpowered when you go about your day.

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Balm Woodland

Beard Balm Woodland

Next came Woodland, our second fragrance. It starts with a spicy kick of pine and herbs, then mellows into cosy notes of cedar, amyris, and sandalwood. Woodland is a slightly heavier fragrance compared to Citrus while still being a fresh and light fragrance. Unlike Golden Ember for example, which is more on the heavier side and more of a classic perfume-scent”.

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Beard balm wilderness 2

Beard Balm Wilderness

Our third scent, Wilderness, strikes a balance between Citrus and Woodland. Fresh notes of rosemary, lavender, and bergamot blend with the warmth of sandalwood and rosewood. Wilderness is perfect is you want a little bit of everything: the deep notes of Woodland and the invigorating freshness of Citrus.

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After careful consideration and several rounds of trying our different Beard Balms. We finally landed on our favourite, the Mr Bear Family Beard Balm that is best in test. And the answer is: Beard Balm Woodland.

Beard Balm Woodland above

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you apply balm to your beard?
You can use it daily or whenever you feel that your beard or skin is getting a little too dry.

Why is beard balm good?
It moisturises and softens the beard while also containing nourishing and soothing ingredients that are great for the skin.

How long does a beard need to be to use beard balm?
You can use it for any beard that is a little more than stubble. However, there is a chance that you’ll think it’s a bit too greasy. In that case we recommend a beard brew instead.

How do you get a nice beard?
The short answer is wash, moisturise, and style. You can read more about it in our three-step guide here.

Does beard balm make your beard grow?
The beard balm alone won’t magically give you a full beard. However, it can give your beard better conditions to grow and thrive.

When should you apply beard balm?
This is very much up to personal preference. Mr Bear like to use either the beard brew or beard balm in the evening to let it work over the night. And then top it off with a beard shaper in the morning.

How much beard balm should I use?
Start with a small amount and work your way up. The correct amount will depend on how much beard you have.