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Mr Bear Family

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The natural choice

Mr Bear Family offers high quality products for beard, moustache, hair, shaving and skin.
The products are made of natural ingredients and produced in small batches.
We create our own formulas and the whole range is free from synthetic preservatives and
other additives normally used to prolong the shelf life of beauty products.
Mr Bear Family offers everyday luxury feeling at affordable prices without compromising with the quality.
Made with care in Gothenburg, Sweden

Popular products

Kit - Brew & Shaper Wilderness

Kit - Brew & Shaper Wilderness

SEK 499,00 (incl. VAT)

Beard Shaper Woodland

Beard Shaper Woodland

SEK 219,00 (incl. VAT)

Kit - Spray & Pomade Sweetwood

Kit - Spray & Pomade Sweetwood

SEK 399,00 (incl. VAT)

Pomade - Original

Pomade - Original

SEK 219,00 (incl. VAT)

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A brand new product — The Beard Shaper!

The Beard Shaper is combined styling and beard moisturizer in one. It helps to create a natural hold that helps to maintain the shape of the beard all through out the day with out weighing it down. Perfect for the everyday styling of your beard. Relieves redness, irritation, and dry skin and gives the beard a more fuller and richer touch.

Offered in our three signature scents Citrus, Woodland & Wilderness.

Limited Edition Wildfire is back!

Beard Brew WILDFIRE is back by popular demand!

Same great scent, but in a new larger bottle (60 ml) with a handy pump and great packaging. 

Get it now!

Popular collab — Mr Bear Family and Honest Al!

Have you tried the collab series between Mr Bear Family and the barber Honest Al? Now we’ve added a grooming spray to the series! 

A sea salt spray, perfect to use on its own or together with one of the mr bear family pomades. The scent has a top of thyme and raspberries that tones down and lands in a warm scent of leather, wood and suede. A truly masculine and old school scent! Click here to go to products!

How to choose between our straight razors?

If you are interested in getting a close and smooth shave you should definitely try shaving with a straight razor. Mr Bear Family offers three different straight razors. So, which one to choose?

Mr Bear Family — The complete Shaving series!

Whether you just want to clean up and sharpen your lines or if you like the clean shaven look, you’ll need the perfect shaving products, and now we can offer you this; Mr Bear Family — The complete shaving series!


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