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29 Apr 2022

Classic Selection: Golden Ember

It all started with an idea of having the same fragrance on our favourites in both beard and hair care. This later evolved into a series inspired by classic barbershops which later grew into its own series with its own fragrance and unique key ingredients. In short, Mr Bear has worked hard for the last three years.

Golden Ember

One way to explain Golden Ember is to imagine an old library with solid wood bookshelves and an open fireplace with flames dancing across the birch wood. The shelves are lined with hand-bound books with beautiful spines and the floor is carpeted in shades of dark red. The crackling sound of the fire is a warm signature tune in the background, while the slightly smoky scent spreads through the room. Somewhere in that feeling, you'll find the essence of Golden Ember.

The key ingredients

Golden Ember is based on the key ingredients safflower oil and birch leaf extract. Safflower oil stimulates blood circulation in the skin, bringing various beneficial properties while also stimulating skin renewal. Birch leaf extract contains tanning agents, which have an astringent and therefore wound-healing effect on the skin. Birch leaf extract has also been a popular ingredient in hair tonics as it can strengthen hair and make it softer.



The fragrance of Golden Ember has one foot in nature and one inside the barbershop. Lighter scents like vanilla combine with heavier notes like tobacco leaf and leather. The result is a well-rounded fragrance that is suitable for many situations.

Top: Smoky, Tea, Cassis
: Oliban, Vanilla, Tobacco Leaves
: Noble Wood, Amber, Leather


We plan to release Golden Ember in autumn 2022, both in our shop and in your favourite barbershop. Talk to your hairdresser or barber and tell them about the most exciting grooming news of the year!