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15 Nov 2022

Using natural ingredients

You probably haven’t missed that we like to use natural ingredients. But what does that mean for you and everyone else who uses them? The most important thing is that you are way cooler than your friends who use the regular, non-natural products of course. Another thing that stands out is that there is a significant amount of work behind our natural products. There are fewer shortcuts” you can utilise in the development phase. 

Mr Bear Lab

Did you know that our moustache wax is not always the same colour? That's because the colour of beeswax varies depending on what nectar and pollen the bees find. When we use natural ingredients, we also work on nature's terms, so the appearance of our products can vary and sometimes change over time. We think it's a small price to pay to avoid chemicals we don't like. Since the good qualities of the products remain unchanged, we see colour variations more as a badge of honour. Similarly, the products can sometimes react to heat and cold. You may have noticed that our beard balm can sometimes be a little grainy when you take it out of the tin. And you've probably noticed that the grains melt together and disappear when you warm the wax in your hands. Instead of using chemicals that make the product identical every time, we let nature take its course.

Imagine the difference between a burger from a fast food chain* that's identical the world over, and a burger from your local burger joint that may not always be identical - but always tastes the best.

*We're not saying the burger contains chemicals, just that your local place might taste better.

It's not natural if it's not allowed to live a little

– Mr Bear

In our factory, we have offices, lab, production, and warehouse all under one roof. Björn produces all our recipes, and we have full control over the entire process: from the first sample to the final delivery. If you have any questions about our products, you'll find all the expertise in one place - guaranteeing both quality and reliability.