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19 Sep 2021

Jojoba oil and why it is the beard’s best friend

Jojoba oil is a common ingredient in skincare products and has many good qualities. But despite its name it’s not an oil but a combination of liquid waxes. The jojoba tree grows in the dryer parts of North America and the wax is extracted from its seeds.

Beard brew in use

Moisturise both beard and skin

Unlike other oils jojoba oil is similar to the fat that our skin naturally produces. Which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular in skincare. It enters the skin's outer layer and promotes a soft skin by, among other things, binding moisture without clogging the pores. Because it binds moisture, it is extremely good to use on beards. This is, in part, because the beard will lead moisture from the skin, leading to the classic itchy beard.

Jojoba oil and Mr Bear Family

We use jojoba oil in several products, simply because it’s great. As we mentioned above, it is similar to the fat that our skin naturally produces which makes the risk of a negative reaction a lot smaller. You’ll find jojoba oil in a wide range of our products, including Beard brew, Beard balm, Beard shaper, Lip balm, Tattoo balm and Tattoo lotion.