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2 Feb 2023

Increase your beard growth

Getting a better beard growth is something many people want. Many different serums, rollers and other products are sold to make beards grow more by activating” hair follicles and the like. We’re here to try and sort out and advise on what you can do to get better beard growth.

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A bearded model in the woods

Kits, rollers and serums — can they help bad beard growth?

There are a whole host of different products claiming to boost your beard growth. We’re not here to say that no products work — we’d have to test them first. But as a general rule, we have the beard growth we have and it’s mainly influenced by genetics. Then there are some medical solutions you can try (such as minoxidil, better known as Rogaine) that may work to varying degrees. We’re leaning more towards working with what you have. And pick a beard style that suits your beard growth.

Is there nothing you can do to get better beard growth?

There are actually a few things you can do to give your facial hair the best conditions to grow. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution where you can go from having no beard at all to having a huge full beard. The answer is so simple and boring that it can be summed up as: take care of yourself and your face.

Exercise regularly

There is a link between testosterone and beard growth. To give your beard the best conditions, it's a good idea to exercise regularly. As a bonus you will also get a bunch more positive effects from other than a possible better beard growth. Staying active is good for us!

Eat well

A healthy diet can have an impact on your beard growth. Like exercise, there is no magic formula for growing a big beard. But a good diet can help your beard grow.

Take care of your sleep

It probably comes as no surprise that your sleep can affect your beard growth. Sleep affects everything in our bodies and is incredibly important to our well-being. The classic tips are to avoid screens and blue light at night. And of course, going to bed on time.

Wash and moisturise your face

To further optimise your possible beard growth, you can wash and moisturise your face. Exfoliation can also help as it removes dead skin cells around the pores. Take a look at our beard washes, our Aftershave & Face Lotion and our Face & Body Scrub.

Mr Bear and his beard out in the woods.
Good food, rest and exercise can help your beard growth.