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20 Jan 2023

Mr Bear Family’s natural ingredients

Our products are natural or as natural as possible. We believe that it is possible to create great products for hair, skin and beard even if we choose not to work with a significant part of the common ingredients in grooming products. We have gathered information on a selection of the ingredients we do like to use here.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a common ingredient in skincare products and has many good qualities. But despite its name it’s not an oil but a combination of liquid waxes. The jojoba tree grows in the dryer parts of North America and the wax is extracted from its seeds.

Moisturise both beard and skin

Unlike other oils jojoba oil is similar to the fat that our skin naturally produces. Which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular in skincare. It enters the skin's outer layer and promotes a soft skin by, among other things, binding moisture without clogging the pores. Since your beard will lead moisture from the skin, leading to the classic itchy beard, jojoba oil is very useful in beard products.

Jojoba oil and Mr Bear Family

We use jojoba oil in several products, simply because it’s great. As we mentioned above, it is similar to the fat that our skin naturally produces which makes the risk of a negative reaction a lot smaller. You’ll find jojoba oil in a wide range of our products, including Beard brew, Beard balm, Beard shaper, Lip balm, Tattoo balm and Tattoo lotion.

Jojoba seeds
Jojoba seeds

Argan oil

Argan oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the argan tree. It is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, making it an excellent ingredient in skin- and haircare products.

It is often used as a way to soften and moisturise the skin. It can improve the skin's elasticity. Argan oil can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as soothe dry and irritated skin. It is also beneficial in haircare where it can provide nourishment to the hair, strengthen it and in some cases even help to prevent hair loss.

Argan oil and Mr Bear Family

You will find argan oil in several of our products. Including beard brew, beard balm and tattoo balm. These are all products that needs to soothe, soften and moisturise the skin. You will also find argan oil in our conditioner, seeing as it can provide great nourishment to the hair.

Argan trees

Safflower oil

Safflower oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the thistle plant, a plant that grows in Europe, North America and Asia. Rich in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, it has long been used in hair and skin care for its many beneficial properties. In skin care, safflower oil is often used to treat dry and damaged skin. It is rich in linoleic acid, a fatty acid that is important for skin elasticity and moisture balance. The oil also contains omega 6 and 9 which can increase circulation in the hair follicles. It can also moisturise and soften hair.

Safflower oil and Mr Bear Family

Safflower oil is one of two signature ingredients (the other one being birch leaf extract) in Classic Selection: Golden Ember. You will find it in almost all of the Golden Ember products.

Birch leaf extract

As the name suggests, birch leaf extract is an extract made from birch leaves. It has been a common ingredient in hair tonics because it leaves the hair soft and shiny. It has also been thought to prevent hair loss or even promote hair growth. Birch leaf extract has also been used in skin care because of its tannin content. These have an astringent and therefore wound-healing effect.

Birch leaf extract and Mr Bear Family

Birch leaf extract is one of two signature ingredients in Classic Selection: Golden Ember, which means it is present in the majority of Golden Ember products.


Beeswax is produced by bees and is used to build the cells in the beehive where they later store honey and larvae/pupa. In Sweden, beeswax has been used since at least the Bronze Age, as evidenced by the discovery of vessels crafted using techniques that require wax.

It is a very durable ingredient and there have been finds of 5000-year old beeswax that has remained unchanged. Water doesn't affect it, and it won't become rancid since it doesn't interact with the oxygen in the air unless the antioxidants have been removed from the wax.

The skin won't absorb beeswax; instead, it acts as a protective layer over the skin without clogging the pores. It is a good "shield" against weather and wind since it repels water. This give the skin a chance to recover under the "wax shield". It works wonders on dry and chapped skin.

Beeswax and Mr Bear Family

Beeswax has been a favourite with us for a long time. It is the main ingredient in our moustache wax and is also present in a lot of other products which provide hold, like the Beard Balm, Pomades, and Grooming Sprays.

Veganism and beeswax

Beeswax comes from bees and is by definition not vegan. There are however people with a vegan lifestyle who still use it since they don't believe that bees are harmed when you collect the beeswax. Only you can decide where you draw your line. All our vegan products are clearly labeled with our "Vegan Friendly seal". Keep an eye out for it if you want strictly vegan products. For example, Hair Wax: Golden Ember is one of our vegan products.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is extracted from the fruits of the shea tree. It grows in Africa, from Senegal to Uganda as well as India. You make shea butter by crushing and drying the fruit. Grind them down to a flour, pouring it into boiling water and then filtering it.

It takes a long time for the skin to absorb the shea butter, and its fatty surface provides effective protection against weather, wind, and irritation. It can also accelerate skin healing and counteract eczema-prone skin.

Shea butter and Mr Bear Family

You'll find shea butter in several of our beard products. Like our Moustache Wax, Beard Balm and Beard Shaper. It is also present in Hair Wax: Golden Ember.


Nettle is an ingredient that have been long used in natural remedies for the hair. Many old school Swedish hair tonics used nettle, in part for its ability to reduce the oil production in the scalp. Which is perfect if you want to extend the feeling of a clean hair and scalp.

Nettle water has been used to clean hair for a long time since it is said to prevent dandruff as well as promoting hair growth by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp.

Nettle and Mr Bear Family

Nettle is one of three ingredients that form the foundation for our hair products. This means that you'll find nettle in our pomades, grooming sprays, shampoo and conditioner.