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30 Jan 2023

Beard oil – best in test

Our beard oil was the second product Mr Bear Family launched. More specifically, it was Beard Oil Citrus 30ml that was the very first oil to see the light of day from us. Beard oil is used to moisturise and soften the beard as well as soothe the skin underneath. In addition, the beard gets shine, luster and of course a good scent.

Our beard oils are available in five different fragrances:

Which beard oil wins best in test at Mr Bear Family?

We wanted to test and see which of our beard oils is the best. So we gathered the family who actually know our oils best. From Mr Bear and Sandra, who poured the first oils over a decade ago, to the whole gang who help produce the oils these days. In the test, we've evaluated everything from fragrance to content and size.

Five different fragrances

The five scents are, as previously mentioned, Citrus, Woodland, Wilderness, Wildfire and Golden Ember.


Citrus is the first fragrance Mr Bear Family launched. It's a fresh scent that opens with bright notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit and then lands on soft floral accords.


Woodland was launched after Citrus and thus became our second fragrance. It is a spicy fragrance with peppery notes of pine and herbs that finishes in deep, warm notes of cedar, amyris and sandalwood.


Wilderness is our third fragrance and can almost be described as a happy medium between Citrus and Woodland. It is a fresh aromatic scent with fresh notes of rosemary, lavender and bergamot that round off in warm notes of sandalwood and rosewood.


Wildfire began as a Limited Edition that actually had to come back an extra time because it was so popular. In fact, it was so popular that it has made its way to our regular product range. It has an amazing scent of crackling fire and billowing smoke.

Golden Ember

This is part of the Classic Selection: Golden Ember range that launched in autumn 2022, Golden Ember begins with light smoky notes, gently interwoven with noble wood notes that form a deep harmony and culminate in soft oriental nuances. This fragrance stands out a bit because it is also available as a perfume.

Our classic trio

How do we review the beard oils?

Fragrance, price, ease-of-use, design, overall feeling and ingredients are all important factors. Personal preference will of course play a part in it as well. Something we both appreciate and welcome. All beards and faces are different, which means that they'll prefer different products. Just like how perfumes won't smell the same on different people.

Beard oil Citrus Mr Bear Family

Beard Oil Citrus

Beard Oil Citrus was our first oil. And it is still a favourite with several people at the factory. The fresh fragrance makes it a timeless classic fitting most people. Generally speaking, lighter fragrances like Citrus are best suited during the day. Those who take their fragrances seriously sometimes use a lighter scent that gives a fresh and soft” impression during the day. And then switching to a slightly heavier” fragrance towards the evening. Of course you don’t have to go all out. For some, Wilderness is plenty, while others prefer a smokey Wildfire or the new fragrance Golden Ember.

Buy Beard Oil Citrus 30 ml here

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Beard oil Woodland Mr Bear Family

Beard Oil Woodland

Beard Oil Woodland is slightly heavier” than Citrus while at the same time being a good fit for daytime use. It puts more emphasis on the traditional scents you find in the woods. Pine as well as cedar and sandalwood emerge in the fragrance. Woodland is our most popular fragrance – although Golden Ember is starting to close in on it.

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Beard oil Wilderness 2 Mr Bear Family

Beard Oil Wilderness

Wilderness is, as previously mentioned, a happy medium between Citrus and Woodland. With a fresh scent that still offers clear elements of the forest, this is a fragrance that many people like. The fresh notes of lavender, rosemary and bergamot give the fragrance its fresh top while it borrows from Woodland and lands in sandalwood and rosewood.

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Beard oil Wildfire Mr Bear Family

Beard Oil Wildfire

Wildfire started as a Limited Edition that we released summer 2018. It was then part of a kit with beard oil and beard balm. When it sold out a lot of people contacted us saying that they missed the oil in particular. That’s why we decided to make this a regular in our product range. The scent is reminiscent of sitting by a crackling fire late at night.

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Beard Oil Golden Ember

Beard Oil Golden Ember

Beard Oil Golden Ember is part of the Classic Selection: Golden Ember launched in autumn 2022. The series consists of twelve products that include beardcare as well as haircare and skincare. In addition to having a different fragrance, the oil also has a slightly different recipe. That’s because Classic Selection: Golden Ember has two signature ingredients, one of which is included in the beard oil: safflower oil. Among other things, safflower oil contains omega 3 & 6, which can increase blood circulation in the hair follicles and moisturise and soften the beard.

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Beard oil landscape Mr Bear Family


The votes are counted and the result was actually a bit surprising, albeit, impressive. The winner was Beard Oil Citrus 60 ml! Which is of course a bit extra fun as it's our first oil whose recipe has remained unchanged since 2012. In second and third place we find Golden Ember and the classic Woodland. Finally, Wildfire gets an honourable mention and an invitation to our regular range.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which oil is best suited for beards?
    You should choose an oil that is specifically designed for beards. It usually contains several different oils with properties that take care of both skin and beard in different ways.
  • How often should you apply oil to your beard?
    You can generally use a beard oil every day. That said, every face is different and some skin types can become too oily from using a beard oil daily. So always adjust the amount and frequency to what feels right for your face.
  • Why is beard oil good?
    Beard oil moisturises and softens the beard while also soothing the skin underneath, which can easily become irritated.
  • How long does a beard need to be to use beard oil?
    Since beard oil is good for both the beard and the skin, a little stubble is enough to benefit from the oil's properties. However, it is important not to use too much. The bigger your beard, the more beard oil you can use.
  • How do you get a nice beard?
    The short answer is: wash, moisturise and style. You can read more about it in our three-step guide here.
  • Does beard oil make your beard grow?
    A beard oil can provide better conditions for your beard to grow. Unfortunately, the oil alone will not magically increase your beard growth.
  • When should you apply beard oil?
    When it suits you! But we usually recommend doing it after a shower or when the beard is damp as the water helps to distribute the oil in the beard.
  • How much beard oil should I use?
    It's difficult to say exactly how much you should use. But it's always easier to add more than to try to remove oil. Start with a small amount and add more until it feels good. The oil should be distributed throughout the beard (and on the skin) without the beard dripping of oil.