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Beard Brew Wildfire 30 ml

It started as a limited edition. Which then came back due to popular demand. And now Beard Brew Wildfire is finally a regular at Mr Bear Family. Sitting next to a crackling campfire is arguable one of the biggest keys to modern civilisation. Are we saying Mr Bear invented the wheel here? Well, maybe not. But he did invent a really good beard oil with the warm fragrance of a smokey campfire.

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Beard Brew Wildfire 30 ml
Beard Brew Wildfire 30 ml Beard Brew Wildfire 30 ml Beard Brew Wildfire 30 ml

Beard Brew Wildfire (30 ml)

Wooden tables, bicycle chains, and beards - what can they have in common? Since you're reading about beard oil, the answer is probably pretty obvious. Of course, all three need a bit of oil. However, we don't recommend using our beard oil for your bike chain and wood oil is probably better for your table. But your beard will feel great if you use our beard oil. It's made with natural ingredients and leaves your beard soft, moisturised and supple. Natural oils can also relieve skin irritations such as itchiness and irritation. A bottle of Beard Brew Wildfire is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and people who wish they were outdoor enthusiasts!

Why beard oil?

  • Moisturises the beard.
  • Softens the beard.
  • Can relieve skin irritation under the beard.


Crackling fire and billowing smoke.

Key ingredients

  • Jojoba oil – Balances the sebum production in the skin
  • Argan oil – Contains Vitamin E and antioxidants.
  • Rosehip oil – Strengthens the beard.


Wash your beard and face. Apply a few drops of beard brew into your hands and rub it between your palms. Massage the oil into your beard and skin. Check out our instructional video on how to apply Beard Oil.

Mr Bear recommends

Use Beard Oil or Beard Balm in the evening and style your beard with a Beard Shaper in the morning. This allows the oils to sink in and soften the beard properly while the Beard Shaper keeps the shape of the beard all day. A beard brush with coarser bristles is recommended to distribute the oil.


It is believed that the world's first beard oil was made from sesame seeds in Mesopotamia about 5000 years ago. We launched our beard oil in 2013, it's not quite as old as the 'original' but we dare say it's quite a bit better. The recipe for the beard oil has also remained unchanged since 2013. We always listen to feedback and try to improve our products all the time, but the beard oil and moustache wax recipe has stayed the same since the beginning. If you've tried them, you'll understand why the recipes remain unchanged - they simply work very well.

Beard Brew Wildfire 30 ml
SEK 259,00 (incl. VAT)

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Customer Reviews


Jag älskar den här. Det är er bästa doft. Saknar verkligen 60ml flaskan som fanns under en tid. Både mht pris men jag tycker även pumpen på det större flaskorna är bättre än pipetten.


God doft luktar lägereld, synd att det inte säljs på 60ml flaska och som balm, hoppas det kommer finnas i framtiden


Lite rökig doft men mest söt. Lite besviken.


Vet inte varför jag blev förvånad, men den luktar verkligen brasa. Tog en liten stund innan man vande sig, men nu gillar jag den skarpt!


This beard oil smells amazing. Leaves your beard smelling like you have been relaxing around a campfire without being too over powering. Also gives your beard a great shine all day. Highly recommended.

Smokey Bandit

Den rökiga doften slår allt! Helt gudomlig! En riktig kick! Underbart att den nu är med i ert ordinarie sortiment :-)