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22 Dec 2022

Mr Bear Family & Prison Ink

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Prison Ink tattoo festival. This unique event is held in an old prison, which has been transformed into a cultural institution and museum. The raw environment and special atmosphere make Prison Ink the most spectacular tattoo festival in Scandinavia.

Tattoo Aftercare Colletion w Mr Bear

In addition to the indoor tattooing and artist areas, Prison Ink also has a large outdoor area featuring activities, food, a bar, and street art. This variety of offerings makes Prison Ink an extraordinary tattoo convention, unlike any other.

If you haven’t tried our tattoo aftercare yet here’s what you’ve missed.

First things first: the tattoo wash. It is a gentle soap which is easy to lather up, making it perfect for new tattoos which can be a bit sore.

Next up are the Tattoo Balm and the Tattoo Lotion. Both moisturising, soothing and great for your tattoo. The balm is oil-based and better for smaller tattoos or placements where you can’t apply it very often. The lotion on the other hand, is water-based and very easy to apply, making it suitable for larger tattoos and placements where you want the lotion to absorb quickly.

All in all: we are very happy to sponsor Prison Ink and if you haven’t had the pleasure to visit the festival, we highly recommend you swing by. The next one is 18 – 20 May 2023.