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2 Nov 2021

Beard care vs beard style

We believe there is value in defining what is beard care and what is rather beard style. The easiest way is to look at hair products. A shampoo, conditioner or hair mask would hardly be called hair styling. And a hair wax would not be called hair care. But when it comes to beards, the lines are a little blurrier.

Skaggvard skaggstyling

Beard Care

The first step to a better beard is usually a beard oil. Its main purpose is to moisturise the skin. The beard tends to "carry" moisture away from the skin. Beard oils often contain ingredients such as jojoba oil, which is very good at moisturising the skin. So beard oil can definitely be classified as "beard care".

Beard style

When it comes to beard styling, there are a few different ways forward. Some simply use their hair products in the beard while others settle for a beard oil. But of course, there are styling products that are specifically designed for beards. One of them is our Beard Shaper! Although it has moisturising properties, it's mainly for styling. Many of our customers appreciate it because it's actually water-based. Which means it's easier to wash off from hands and beard.

Nourishing styling

To make it even fuzzier, we're working with something we call nourishing styling. This means that we always want to give our styling products a nurturing aspect. To get back to our Beard Shaper, it contains witch hazel, which grows here in Sweden. Witch hazel strengthens the hair and also soothes irritated skin. We use similar ingredients in all our products. We don't just want you to look good, we want you to feel good too.