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Kit - Beard Oil & Brush Woodland

A beard oil and brus is about as essential as you can get when it comes to beard care. That why this kit is the perfect gift to a bearded friend. Everything they need in a fancy box.

Kit - Beard Oil & Brush Woodland
Kit - Beard Oil & Brush Woodland Kit - Beard Oil & Brush Woodland Kit - Beard Oil & Brush Woodland

Kit - Beard Oil & Brush Woodland

So you have a bearded friend that you want to surprise with a gift. That's awesome! Your friendship will truly blossom when you show up with our brand new beard kit. Not only will your friend appreciate the gesture, their beard will also get an amazing glow-up. And we need more amazing beards in the world.

This kit consists of a travel size beard brush and a beard oil. The oil will moisturise the beard and soothe the skin. The brush is not only a great way of distributing the oil in your beard – regular brushing will also vitalise the skin. The boar bristles can also lift away dust and dirt.

Why buy a beard kit?

  • Your friend will love you.
  • Your friend will get an even better beard – which is very nice to look at.
  • It's a pretty cool gift.


A spicy fragrance with peppery notes of pine and herbs that ends in deep, warm notes of cedar, amyris and sandalwood.

Kit - Beard Oil & Brush Woodland
SEK 569,00 (incl. VAT)

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