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Natural Ingredients

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Natural Ingredients

We strive to use only natural ingredients or ingredients derived from nature. All-natural products or as natural as they can possible be. Most important to us, besides our natural claim, is to provide safe products for the consumer, which is why we use ingredients that are commonly used in natural cosmetics and also approved by ECOCERT and COSMOS. Every ingredient that is put in any product is declared on the INCI list on that product.

To state an example:
The use of a natural identical preservation ingredient. The Benzoic Acid or sodium benzoate in our Shampoo, Grooming spray and Pomade is in such a low dosage as 0,01 - 0,03%. but it has to be declared on the INCI list non the less.

In the shampoo and the grooming spray it is the preservation for the natural ingredients that we use and is not added by us but by the manufacturer of the ingredients. In the pomade it is part of the preservative that we use and occur in the dosage of 0,01-0,02%

Cosmetic preservatives allowed by Ecocert and COSMOS are often considered more skin friendly than most traditional preservatives and have a long history of safe use in cosmetic products. Owing to the fact that most of them are naturally occurring in plants, they are considered to be suitable for products with natural claims, and they are then called natural identical, which means that the chemical composition is exactly the same as in nature. But to harvest it from nature would be costly and not very sustainable for the environment.

That said, most of our products are made of completely natural ingredients.