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Now releasing — The complete shaving series!

Shaving products

Mr Bear Family — The complete shaving series!

Whether you just want to clean up and sharpen your lines or if you like the clean shaven look, you’ll need the perfect shaving products, and now we can offer you; Mr Bear Family — The complete shaving series!

To make our existing series complete we’re now releasing two new products, an After shave gel and a firm Shaving soap, a new Straight razor Master” and since we think our Shaving oil is so great, we’re releasing it in double the size (60ml!)

Mr Bear has spent many months in the lab developing these products, and we can proudly say that we love them. Made by Genuine craftsmanship in our own factory in Gothenburg, we are able to control the production from raw material to packaging, striving to make the best product as possible.

~Shave well & be swell!~

Straight Razor - Master

Straight Razor - Master

SEK 299,00 (incl. VAT)