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The Family

The founder, Björn Landén let his moustache grow and quickly he realized that, when there is more food in the moustache than on the plate, there must be something that can prevent this?

Björn came to the conclusion that it was difficult to find great products to tame the whiskers. He simply decided to make his own moustache wax and so he pulled out the copper pot at home in the kitchen, and on that way it goes. The moustache grew and became a beard, and so did the product range and all the hairy friends. Eventually, all became one big family.

Mr Bear Family is Sweden´s first manufacturer of moustache and beard products for men in modern time.

In making the products, we only use natural ingredients. The concept is to produce all-natural products without using chemicals additives or artificial mineral oils such as petrolatum (vaselin). We strongly reject all forms of tests on animals.

We hope you enjoy the products and want to become a part of our Family!

Bearded greetings from,

The Mr Bear Family Crew.

Our movies


The Eyeball Beard

Keeping an eye on everything at the bearded front. Beards comes to him, beards asks him for advise. beards believe in him, a legend beard of old.

The Lovebringer

The creator of the club Lovetip in Göteborg and the man with the biggest heart! Spreading love where ever he goes with his lovely handlebar mustasch so watch out, you might get hooked!

The Artist

She is the one behind the drawing of the Mr. Bear – Bear. An amazing tattoo-artist who runs the Tatto-shop “Buzztop28″ in Gothenburg. You can follow her on instagram @sockrets, or visit her Facebook page.

The Champion

Player in the Floorball team of Falun, Swedish Masters for three consecutive years. Aiming for a forth gold, which has never been done before. Thats how it is, no one messes with the beard… NO ONE!

The Northern Beard

Like the Northern light, his shimmering beard is everywhere. Traveling around the world crossing borders, bringing you tales of wonder from the beardly land.

The Naga

Naga is short for Nagarebozhi. He is a great man with an awesome ginger beard. Follow his youtube channel "NagaTV" to see him do some fun challenges.