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Limited Edition - Gingerbear man

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Limited Edition = produced once in a single batch.
This edition has the scent "Gingerbear man"

Spicy, sweet, crumbly and delicious, what more could you wish for on a cold winter night?

Gingerbear man is our newest limited edition, and is produced once in a single batch. The Limited Edition comes in an elegant, embossed tinplate tin containing; one Beard Balm 60 ml & one Beard Brew 30 ml.

Beard Brew – Gingerbear man (30 ml)
Beard oil made from natural ingredients that both soften and condition your beard and skin. While it makes your beard easy to comb and gives it a lush touch, it also relieves redness, irritation and dry skin.

Beard Balm – Gingerbear man (60 ml)
Made solely from natural oils and Shea butter that soften and moisturize beard and skin. Perfect for the everyday styling of your beard. It relieves redness, irritation, dry skin and gives it a more lush touch.

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