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15 little known reasons to grow a beard

It’s easy to see, beards are pretty epic to look at. That’s a given. However, what’s really quite interesting, is the notsoknown benefits that come with growing and owning a beard, especially one that’s been properly groomed and cared for.

For example, despite what popular thought has you believe, did you know that beards can actually help boost your career rather than degrade them? That they can actually instill faith amongst potential customers, who are then more likely to purchase from you (a fellow with a wellkept beard) and see you as a more “trustworthy” individual as opposed to a beardless one.

Did you know that they actually help protect your skin and health, acting like a filter system? They can actually block up to 95% of harmful UV rays that cause both your skin to age and potentially develop cancer. Not only that, they prevent airborne bacteria from entering your system potentially cause you to get ill or have respiratory issues. 

There’s 15 of the little known factors, checkout the InfoGraphic by clicking on the image or visit our Facebook page.

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