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Mr Bear Family Barbershop

Welcome to our own Mr Bear Family Barbershop” in the heart of Gothenburg. Here you’ll find all our products and much more.

Stop by and grab a cup of coffee, get a haircut, get your beard trimmed or just a high five — we promise you’ll enjoy it and will have a good time!


-We ask our healthy customers to come on their own, without company!

-Vi work with visor

-There can be a maximum of 4 customers in the salon, so do not arrive too early

-We of course maintain the high hygiene requirements, which we had both before, and now, during the pandemic.

-If you have a relative who is sick, or if you feel any symptoms, contact us so we can re-schedule your appointment.

-We do everything possible for the Mr Bear Family Barbershop to be a safe place for both customers and barbers.


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Phone number:
+46 73 – 675 71 07

Tuesday-Friday: 09 – 18
Saturday: 10 – 14

Pusterviksgatan 15, Gothenburg 

Due to remodeling, the parking lot Pusterviksplatsen” is closed off indefinitely. 

Johan Hagvall

Johan is our master barber as well as one of the owners of Mr Bear Family Barbershop. He began his career in 2007 and started out as a hairdresser in Norway. He holds journeyman’s and mastercraftsman’s certificates, and offers courses at Salons. He eats tacos AT LEAST once a week, all year round! Loves crossfit and beaches.

Francisco Ferrer

Francisco is a barber at Mr Bear Family Barbershop. He started his career working as a hairdresser in Berlin and London and has lived in Gothenburg since 2015. I work with the head shape and the texture of the hair to create the best possible result” says Francisco. He’s a true professional, with a great sense for details and precision. Another passion in Fran’s life is crossfit, he’s crazy about the Swedish pastry Semla and his dog Marvin.

Felix Fransson

Felix is a barber at Mr Bear Family Barbershop. He started as an apprentice and has been with us since February of 2018. Got his journeyman’s certificate in spring of 2019. Worked at a cucumber farm in Australia and thought that being a barber would be cool. He grew up in a town called Skövde. Plays padel tennis. His drink of choice is VCL (Vodka/​Cola light).

Emma Haapaharju

Emma is a barber at Mr Bear Family Barbershop. Has an apprentice diploma and a great interest in Crossfit. LOVES dogs. Likes tattoos, watches a lot of TV series and always appreciates recommendations for new ones.


Likes long walks and knows some cool tricks. A real ray of sunshine:)

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